28 Oct 20 NRA CET Daily GK Quiz [General Knowledge Test]

NRA CET Daily GK Quiz [General Knowledge Test]


GK Quiz 28 Oct 2020: SSC, RRB, IBPS

Very important questions for SSC RRB And IBPS Exam

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Hunar Haat* an exhibition to exhibit and promote the arts and artisans from minority community was launched at which of the following events?

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Who discovered the Cholera causing germ?

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Vikalp* is a scheme launched by Indian Railways to help wait-listed passengers. Which of the following is NOT true about this scheme?

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Which metal is responsible for Itai-Itai disease?

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Which among the following is an example of solid sol?

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Daily General Online Test Features (Static GK) [General Knowledge Test]

  • 5 Questions
  • Questions are from Previous Years SSC CGL CHSL RRB Exams
  • Based on the Syllabus of National Recruitment Agency Common Eligibility Test (NRA CET)
  • Qns including History, Polity, Economics, General Science Etc

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