26 Sep 20 NRA CET Daily GK Quiz [General Knowledge Test]

NRA CET Daily GK Quiz [General Knowledge Test]

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The city of Vijayawada lies on the banks of which of these rivers?

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Do not park your car in front of my house.

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A person, animal or plant belonging originally to a place

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81 ques in sheet 6

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Scientists at Cambridge University are ______ how plants can give us sustainable energy.

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Select the wrongly spelt word.

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I look for a better job for the last two months, but nothing is in sight.

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The main gate of the building was being guarded by gun-totting guards.

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Name the author of the 2019 released book - *The Scent of God*.

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Name the two Indian actors who shared the National Best Actor Award (Male) in the 66th National Film Awards 2019.

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What is the name of the phenomena in physics and astronomy which involves the splitting of a spectral line into two or more components of slightly different frequency when the light source is placed in a magnetic field?

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Which of the following is an Indian Research Station in the Antarctica Region?

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From which of the following states does 2019 Padma Vibhushan winner, Teejan Bai hail?

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Who among the following is known as the *father of Muslim renaissance* in Bengal?

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The American scientist Edwin Hubble*s name is associated with which of these theories?

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How many members did the International Monetary Fund (IMF) have as of January 2020?

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What is the name of the phenomena (driven by the scattering of light) in which mountain tops acquire a rosy or orange hue around sunrise and sunset?

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Which of these is the energy conversion that happens in the process called photosynthesis?

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Daily General Online Test Features (Static GK) [General Knowledge Test]

  • 10 Questions
  • Questions are from Previous Years SSC CGL CHSL RRB Exams
  • Based on the Syllabus of National Recruitment Agency Common Eligibility Test (NRA CET)
  • Qns including History, Polity, Economics, General Science Etc

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