21 Dec 20 Daily Current Affairs Quiz

Daily Current Affairs Quiz For NRA CET


Daily Current Affairs Quiz 21 Dec 2020

Daily Current Affairs

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Who chairs the meeting of the Financial Stability and Development Council (FSDC)?

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What is the name of the new digital payment application launched by India Post Payments Bank?

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Which is the first Indian zoological park to receive ISO Certification?

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Which financial institution has approved four India projects including Chhattisgarh’s CHIRAAG and DRIP-2?

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Which country observes ‘Martyred Intellectuals Day’ on December 14?

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What type of military vehicle is C-454, which was recently commissioned at Surat?

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Prime Minister Modi laid foundation stone for the country’s largest renewable energy park in which state?

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Which global institution is to provide USD 1000 mn loan to India, to support MGNREG Scheme?

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Union External Affairs Ministry has launched which category of website, to highlight ‘Brand India’?

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The North East Power Project, NERPSIP which was seen in the news recently, is implemented by which organisation?

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