17-18 Sep 2020: NRA CET Daily Current Affairs [ENG]

NRA CET Daily Current Affairs


-> Kosi Rail mahasetu

-> World Bank Human Capital Index: India ranks 116

Kosi Rail mahasetu

Maha Setu Bridge is 1.8 km long and provides a short route to the Eastern parts of India. It enhances the accessibility to transport army and military related equipment from Northern part of India to North Eastern parts of India.

The bridge is being constructed at a cost of rupees 516 crores. It is of strategic importance as it is located along India Nepal border.

River Kosi

Kosi is a Trans boundary river. It flows through Nepal, India and Tibet. River Kosi is called the sorrow of Bihar. 

World Bank released the annual Human Capital Index.  India has ranked 169th position in the annual Human Capital Index. The Index benchmarks the key components of human capital all over the world

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